Removal and replacement of asbestos containing materials

  • Removing asbestos paper linings and friction linings
  • Removing an asbestos fire blanket
  • Removing asbestos-containing gas or electric heaters
  • Removing asbestos-containing sealant, filler, putty or fixing 
  • Removing asbestos-containing products, such as gutter linings, roof felt or damp-proofing
  • Removing asbestos-containing floor tiles and mastic
  • Removing compressed asbestos fiber gaskets and asbestos rope seals
  • Replacing asbestos-containing domestic appliances


Removing fly-tipped asbestos waste


Asbestos Bulk Sampling

Our in house fully trained BOHS analyst will identify evidence of asbestos fibers and carry out the required bulk sample and provide a certificate following analysis of the materials.


Asbestos cement removal

  • Drilling holes in asbestos cement and other highly bonded materials
  • Removing asbestos cement debris
  • Cleaning weathered asbestos cement roofing and cladding
  • Repairing damaged asbestos cement 
  • Painting asbestos cement products


Working with undamaged asbestos materials

  • Enclosing undamaged asbestos materials to prevent impact damage
  • Laying cables in areas containing undamaged asbestos materials
  • Removing nails from an asbestos insulating panel 


Removal of textured coating

  • Help with drilling through textured coatings
  • Inserting and removing screws through textured coatings
  • Removing textured coating from a small area
  • Cleaning up debris following the collapse of a ceiling or wall covered with a textured coating


Maintaining asbestos insulating board

  • Drilling holes in asbestos insulating board 
  • Removing asbestos insulating board ceiling tile, doors, and panels
  • Cleaning light fittings attached to an asbestos insulating board 
  • Repairing minor damage 
  • Painting undamaged board